Should you start a career or enter university at 18

The Developmental Disconnect in Choosing a Major: Ideally, a major will leave a student academically successful, as well as fulfill academic, personal, and vocational goals. College and university administrators have begun implementing various types of institutional resources to assist undecided students when choosing a major, but all students are likely underprepared when choosing a major. Therefore, due to the potential positive or negative impact the choice of major can have on the student experience, it is imperative for institutions to delay major choice until the second year, when students are more developmentally ready and educationally prepared to make an effective choice.

Should you start a career or enter university at 18

However, many people after finishing school do not enter university, but they start a career. There are some advantages and disadvantages of both choices. One positive aspect of starting a career at 18 is an opportunity for gaining experience.

If a person starts his career early, he will become a qualified worker quicker. In addition during your work you earn money for a living and it gives a feeling of independence.

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However not everyone is an academically-gifted person or they got poor grades at school. The only thing to do for them is getting a job.

On the other studying at university gives you a better chance in finding a high-paid job. Moreover you can meet new people and make friends with them.

Should you start a career or enter university at 18

One should note here that to enter university is not an easy thing. Firstly you must have an excellent base knowledge and be a hard - working student. In other words you must be best of the best. Secondly there are universities that you pay and teenagers usually have no money so tuition fees are a burden on the parents.

Unfortunately, not all parents have the luxury of paying so high prices. So it is up to everybody to decide whether to start a career or to continue studying at university. Both these ways have their own benefits.

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I guess he would become an experienced worker rather than a qualified worker. Qualifications usually refer to one's credentials. Experience or Exposure are the terms that are generally linked with work.

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Should you start a career or enter university at 18

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