Shakespeare authorship research paper

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Shakespeare authorship research paper

Essay, term paper, research paper: Shakespeare

These doubts are as old as his plays. American author, Henry James once said, "I am haunted by the conviction that the divine William is the biggest and the most successful fraud ever practiced on a patient world. Hoffman 27 On the other hand, author Calvin Hoffman was convinced that Shakespeare was "the author of the most magnificent English dramatic prose and poetry ever written.

Hoffman 27 But, he reiterated this belief nineteen years later, stating, "They are magnificent! Only, William Shakespeare of Stratford-on- Avon never wrote the plays and poems. Cranks have proposed over fifty candidates for authorship, from Queen Elizabeth to the Jesiuts.

Although many doubt that William Shakespeare ever wrote the works attributed to him, some still resort to pro-Shakespearean arguments. The knowledge and wisdom he acquired directly from his own enviroment was quite true to life. There was a period of time in his life referred to as his "dark years," and this period of time may have been subjected to influences making for high culture.

Shakespeare authorship research paper

Records say too, that Shakespeare left Stratford in and went on the stage in This left one year in which he might have traveled to France and Italy, which would account for certain knowledge revealed in his works.

Little is known of Shakespeare today. What was said about Shakespeare was unwritten. Stratfordians, or those who believe that Shakespeare did indeed write the works attributed to him, began with a preconceived idea that he wrote the plays, and then they tried to make facts and circumstances fit their case, some say.

To account for innumeralbe instances where Shakespeare exhibited such wide knowledge, Stratfordians say that Shakespeare pumped anyone he could for information. However, others feel that pumping friends for local color could help with broad knowledge, but really could not enable him to convey the atmosphere of a country or to add small, rather insignificant details which could only come from the pen of a writer who had actually experienced them.

Anti-Shakespeare arguments begin with the point that no public or private mention of Shakespeare as a man, poet, or dramatist was made at his death. In Elizabethean convention too, the elegiac poem was a true work of respect, yet there was none found for William Shakespeare. How could he then be the foremost figure in English literature?

From birth to death, no evidence, outside of his name appearing in the title pages of the nine First Quartos, has been found to attest that Shakespeare was a writer or poet.

Many details in his plays could have been acquired only by personal experiences, yet no Shakespeare was mentioned in the cast of any play during his lifetime.

Essay on Shakespeare. Research Paper on Doubt of Shakespeare's Authorship of His Plays Micheli also illustrates the primary thrust of the anti-Stratfordian argument, that there exists a tremendous disparity between the life of Shakespeare and "the mind of the person" who authored the plays and poems. The Pros, Cons and the Silences The case for William Shakspere of Stratford has classical simplicity, giving it an initial advantage over the more complicated cases for all rival candidates.
William Shakespeare The Authorship Controversy - Essay - Shakespeare's Stratford Monument Shortly after Shakespeare's death, a monument was erected to his memory in his home town of Stratford. However, many Oxfordians believe that the monument originally depicted Shakespeare holding a sack, and that it was subsequently altered to depict him as a writer.
History of the Shakespeare authorship question - Wikipedia Alleged early doubts[ edit ] Joseph Hall — is claimed to have been an early authorship doubter The overwhelming majority of mainstream Shakespeare scholars agree that Shakespeare's authorship was not questioned during his lifetime or for two centuries afterward. Jonathan Bate writes, "No one in Shakespeare's lifetime or the first two hundred years after his death expressed the slightest doubt about his authorship.
Essay on Shakespeare. Research Paper on Doubt of Shakespeare's Authorship of His Plays Doubt of Shakespeare's Authorship of His Plays Over the years, various persons have expressed doubt as to the authorship of William Shakespeare.
William Shakespeare The Authorship Controversy - Essay - However, many Oxfordians believe that the monument originally depicted Shakespeare holding a sack, and that it was subsequently altered to depict him as a writer. However, the evidence is overwhelmingly against the Oxfordian scenario.

It is pure speculation that some say that he was an actor. Another argument is that only nobles or those associated with nobility could have written such noble thoughts and described the aristocratic character.

Therefore, some say that the world in which Shakespeare evidently was not at home, must have been the world to which he belonged. Shakespeare never attended a University and was not highly cultured. Yet, whoever wrote the plays must have been highly cultured. Some think he may not have been able to even write.

Also, it was doubtful if his wife and children could write. His own barely legible signature, attached only to his will and some business deals, with sixteen variations of handwriting ,was odd for a literary genius.

Self-education was impossible since he probably owned no books. In his will, no mention of any books was made, and books were valuable enough to be mentioned. Before death, Shakespeare composed his own epitaph: Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare To digg the dust encloased heare; Blest be the man that spares these stones And curste be he who moves my bones.

Sykes 60 Why would a poet and playwright who wrote so brilliantly have no higher sentiments for his own epitaph?

Now, just who could have written the works attributed to William Shakespeare? That Christopher Marlowe was really Shakespeare has been given much credence among many literary people.

Marlowe was educated and awarded scholarships. This proves he was able to produce great works. Another theory came from Calvin Hoffman, who long ago said that on May 29, Marlowe, previously arrested for atheism, was charged with treason.

Shakespeare authorship research paper

His homosexual friend, Thomas Walsingham, foresaw doom for his lover and made a plan. Marlowe was to be the victim of a fake murder, allowing charges against him to vanish with his death. The murder of a sailor, supposedly Marlowe, was arranged and committed, forcing Marlowe to pack up and leave the country.

A coroner was contacted and Marlowe was officially pronounced dead.In September , the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition sponsored a "Declaration of Reasonable Doubt" to encourage new research into the question of Shakespeare's authorship, which has garnered more than 3, signatures, including more than academics.

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Shakespeare Authorship

The authorship question is therefore not just a matter of honoring the true author of the work - itself an important ethical obligation for readers - but also about restoring a sense of authenticity and truth to the work we study and enjoy under the name Shakespeare.

Essentially, despite the fact that much of Shakespeare's life remains a mystery, Stratfordians argue that there is no evidence against Shakespeare's claim of authorship. The Shakespeare Authorship Debate - The Shakespeare Authorship Debate Although William Shakespeare is considered to be one of the most revered and well-renowned authors of all time, controversy surrounds the belief .

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Shakespeare Authorship