Matchmaking selon classement

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Matchmaking selon classement

Understanding League Promotions Introduction There are little tricks and tips that people might have told you get to X points, be in top 1 of division for Y amount of time, etc about how to get a league promotion in Starcraft 2, but there is only one tried and true way to truly get promoted.

Matchmaking selon classement

You will get promoted once you are consistently beating opponents in the league above yours. When you win, it goes up. When you lose, it goes down.

When it becomes on-par with players in the league above yours, you will get a promotion. When it drops to the same as players in the league below yours, you will get a demotion. Note that recently Blizzard changed their system so that it is impossible to get demoted mid-season, but the general rule applies; as soon as the new season starts, if your MMR is too low, you will get demoted.

Some interesting things to note about your MMR: You only have an MMR in ranked games. You have a separate MMR for each game type 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s. Your MMR is used when searching for a game. You will usually be placed against an opponent with a very similar MMR as you.

So this means that you just have to look at your MMR and you can tell when you are about to have a league promotion, right?

Except there is only one semi-major flaw with this. Your MMR is not visible to you or anyone else. It is only visible to Blizzard. All you have to do is combine the interesting facts about the MMR to see this. Note however that all of these approximations only work if you have a stable MMR.

If you have not played more than 50 games, then Blizzard does not have enough information to correctly place you and all the below information will not be relevant.

If you are constantly playing players just around your skill level, then on average you will be playing players who are both a little bit above your MMR and a little bit below your MMR. So instead, simplify the whole matter by very vaguely checking their profile.

Are they in Platinum? Claim that they have Platinum MMR. Are they in Silver? Claim they have Silver MMR. Once you have approximated your MMR, you will be able to roughly see what skill range you have. Consistency here is key. Once you have a consistent MMR that is above the average of Gold league, you are soon to get a promotion.

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Collect sets to unlock rewards, including new thematic sets to improve your Ultimate Team in NHL Hello, de votre côté vous avez noté une différence quelconque sur le matchmaking?

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