Capital budget recommendation

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Capital Budget Recommendation As a dedicated furniture maker and businessman, a clear understanding of the techniques used to assist in capital budgeting is important. There are several techniques used, each having advantages and disadvantages. Within this recommendation, the advantages and disadvantages of each technique will be briefly discussed.

Capital budget recommendation

It was founded by Guillermo Navallez. The company manufactures midgrade and high-end sofas and the company and its owner is being pressured by the increased competition that is moving its way into Sonora, Mexico. Guillermo has hired an accounting firm to explain which option would be the best move for the company financially.

The options presented to Guillermo are; consolidating into a larger organization by merger of acquisition, going with a high-tech solution like his foreign competition and decreasing production cost, moving his company from primarily manufacturing to primarily distribution or continue to work on creating the flame retardant coating for furniture.

Capital Budget Evaluation Techniques A capital budget is a process where an organization considers whether certain projects, enhancements or investments are worth pursuing. All of these processes are in place to assist business owners with making wise financial decisions for investments or budgeting.

Below I will differentiate between the different methods.

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The Net Present Value NPV technique compares the present values of future cash inflows against the initial cost and cash outflows of a capital investment "Investopedia", For Guillermo Furniture the future inflows of cash must be compared with the interest rate that Guillermo could receive on the investment somewhere else.

Internal Rate of Return is another part of capital budgeting. It is a discount rate used to make the net Capital budget recommendation value of cash flows for a project zero. The higher the internal rate of return the more desirable the project is "Investopedia", The greater the IRR is than the required rate of return on either opportunity, the more advantageous it is for Guillermo to embark on that project.

Quite often, the company's cost of capital is used as the required rate of return to assist in determining profitability of the project. Payback Method is one of the lower methods to use.

Its meaning is the same as its name pay back. Many companies use this method because it is simple its gaining back your initial investment cost "Investopedia", This method would provide Guillermo with enough time to recover its initial investment cost.

Capital budget recommendation

The shorter payback periods will benefit Guillermo better because it will allow the company to next focus on making larger profits. Unadjusted Rate of Return does not take into account time value of money.

Provide approximations for the revenues that will be produced by an anticipated venture and then subtract all related expenses from these revenues.

What is 'Cost of Capital'

Once this figure is calculated, it is divided by the net cost of the original investment this process provides you with the figure for the unadjusted rate of return. However, it should be noted that due to many situations the rate of return could alter from year to year "Investopedia", If Guillermo decides to purchase the new equipment in order to compete with his foreign competitor this will prove to be more beneficial for the company because the increases in production will result in lower prices per unit, labor cost will also drastically decrease because most manufacturing of parts will be done electronically.

The Net Present Value technique will show whether purchasing the equipment in order to decrease production and labor cost is worth it.

Out of the other scenarios being weighed by Guillermo the net present value will help with those as well.

The Payback option is also a useful option for Guillermo because with purchasing if the product is not purchased in full you are given a timeline to have the purchased paid for so Guillermo will be able to have an outline of the payback period.

Also, because short payback periods are looked upon more heavily a lot of the investments being made by the company will likely have short payback period. These two capital budget techniques do not work well with the scenario for Guillermo to have new technology or equipment added to the shop in order to decrease labor and production cost and to increase the profits that will be seen with the new upgrades a few years down the line.

Recommended Course of Action The recommended course of action is to upgrade the store to include the new equipment that will cut down on the labor and production cost.

However, just like with anything we must factor in the cost of the equipment being used for the stores upgrade.

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Using the NPV method if the purchase price of the machine needed is less than the NPV for the year than Guillermo should purchase the new equipment. To determine this figure, the cash inflow per year should be determined.The Governor's FY budget recommendation included three new capital outlay planning authorizations: the Number 1 ranked university priority request, Ferris State University; and the Number 1 and Number 2 ranked community college requests, West Shore Community College and.

Capital Budget Recommendation Managerial Accounting and Legal Aspect of Business/ACC May 24, Capital Budget Recommendation Guillermo Navallez is the owner of Guillermo Furniture, a company that manufactures midgrade and high-end sofas.

• Discuss - Capital Budget • Follow-up on Opportunity Fund • Begin to identify Key Topics for Budget recommendation letter to Board of Supervisors. Capital Budget Recommendation distinguish among the different capital budget evaluation techniques and explain how these diverse techniques to assist in providing the best recommendation to the company.

Superintendent Recommends Capital Budget to Address Enrollment Growth

I also recommend the present value calculations as part of the recommendation that base on a capital budget evaluation technique. Guillermo Navalles, owner of Guillermo Furniture faces a decision that could make or break the success or failure of his business.

Because of increased competition . COUNTY EXECUTIVE'S RECOMMENDED FY15 CAPITAL BUDGET AND FY CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM The Montgomery County Budget is a .

Guillermo Furniture Scenario: Capital Budget Recommendations